07/24/2021 A new beginning

As a healthcare professional, mother of 3, and grandmother to 2, the 2020 pandemic and a sudden transition to a full-time remote career found me restless, wondering who I was, and looking for creative outlets. Of course, I had developed a severe case of cabin fever.

So, here I am. Starting something new. Again. I’ve reinvented myself so many times, I’ve lost count. The last big change I made in my life was in 2007 when I relocated from the Midwest to LA. Boy, that was eye-opening! But it was exactly what I needed to get my life back on track. I’ve done it before. Why not try again? But no, I’m not going back to the Midwest. Or anywhere else, for that matter. LA has been good to me. Traffic, parking woes, and smog aside, I wouldn’t trade the weather or culture here for the perimenopausal nature of the Midwest.

But what to do? What to do?

I began thinking about the numerous compliments I received about my Smart Phone pictures and decided to take up photography as a hobby. Now, I know the cameras on those devices just get better and better, but give a girl a chance, here. Into the world of amateur photography I jumped. On a whim and during a session of retail therapy (thank you Amazon!), I purchased my first “real” camera of this era. It was a point and shoot, Canon PowerShot. I discovered I did not like its limitations, so it was quickly upgraded. Now, just a few months into this journey, as of July 2021, I occasionally still use my Smart Phone camera, but prefer using my new Canon EOS250D and its accessories.

What you will find here are some of my favorite photos and edits, and a few thoughts. My next pursuit is a formal class or two to help translate intuition into skill.

Please contact me if you enjoy my work, to offer constructive feedback, or just to chat.

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