07/27/2021 NOMB

Yesterday was an exciting day in da hood. Or not. It was more an illustration of how the Pandemic has changed things. There are a lot of newly displaced folk who don’t yet know how to “live well” on the streets. If there is such a thing. In brief, there was an altercation in the street: 2 men, a pregnant woman, a knife, and probably a little alcohol (or other substance) involved. Lots of ego and machismo displayed and chants of “wanna go?” could be heard, ad nauseam.

This is why my son won’t let me go walking around the neighborhood anymore.

So I try to make the most out of the situation. Like this morning, for example.

I was out front (but close to safety in light of yesterday’s shenanigans) with my cell phone, stretching my legs and getting some fresh air (yes I know how funny that sounds for LA), trying to clear my thoughts. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I take my Canon with me everywhere I go. And wouldn’t you know it? I happened upon a few snails. So I made do with the iPhone 12’s camera.

I love macro photography better than any technique I’ve tried so far, and am amazed at how well the iPhone captured some of the detail, here.

I’d love to go back out with the Canon, but am still a little cautious about the fallout from yesterday. There were 3 police cruisers on the street this morning. People from the adjacent building where yesterday’s ruckus happened were milling about on the sidewalk and in the street with their coffee, pets, and phones, chatting with the officers. Oh, I forgot to mention that? Oops.

Helix aspersa
Garden snail

I guess I’m trying to focus on things I can control.

Like a photo op with a snail.

Aren’t they handsome? It’s actually the same snail, I’m just using the plural pronoun as most snails are hermaphrodites.

I did spot 2 more hanging out in the underbrush of the large planter, but left them alone. For now.

Perhaps an adventure for tomorrow morning with the Canon is in the making.

Just have to remember that the rest of the nonsense that goes on down the street is None of My Business (NOMB).

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