08/03/2021 On the street where you live

I live right smack in the middle of Hollywood. For those of you who have never been here, you’d be disappointed.

When I first moved here, I expected…hell, I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t this. I’m not talking about the picture on the right, which was about 1/2 mile from where I live. I’m talking about the small scale of it all. Trust me when I say Tinseltown is a misnomer.

View from Griffith Park; Los Angeles, CA
Prop Rental

Oh, there’s plenty to do and see, but Hollywood Proper? It’s a big ho hum. The strip, where Grauman’s Chinese and Dolby Theaters are, consists of souvenir shops and starving actors dressed up, just hustling for buck. Some are really done up well. Others are, well, just sad. This menagerie extends a few blocks along the Walk of Fame, but is really concentrated along one and a half city blocks.

I’ll talk more about Hollywood in later posts. For now, though, this is about my street.

I live on a street that is unique to the rest of Hollywood. To my knowledge, it is one block long. Period.

The street is lined with 80 ft. pine trees. (There’s a local folk story about the trees and I’m going to have to contact my source on that before I spill it here. Stay tuned.) OMG, I was thrilled when I first moved here. I love the Boundary Waters area in northern Minnesota, so this was a little bit of heaven everyday with those gorgeous trees.

Now? Not so much.

In addition to having lost 3 of those majestic trees from in front of my building, that pine tree dust is everywhere, like I mentioned yesterday. And the pines provide a perfect setting for the homeless encampments that pop up.

And before you say a word, no. Just no. I am not unsympathetic to the plight of the homeless. Someday we’ll chat about why, (as if being humane isn’t enough,) but you just needed to know that I’m not ragging on the homeless.

I am making observations.

And do you see that scooter past the tent? They are everywhere along our street now. Turning 180 degrees from the above picture you’ll find this beauty. Now these inconsiderate jack-wagons I will rag on. Sometimes they are 3 or 4 deep in front of the garage door. Pretty inconvenient. SMH

The neighborhood has just changed. I’m not sure I feel safe here, anymore. And all of the above is adding to my restlessness and desire to just GTFO.

But until then, there are a few upsides to being here.

People are really entertaining when they let their freak flags fly. The dedication to their crafts cannot be ignored or left unappreciated, so I’m including some of my favorites below.

Take this car’s interior. Someone really loves pink.

Yes. This is HollyWeird. Love it or leave it.

When I think about moving back to the Midwest or just out of Hollywood, I wonder just exactly how much I would miss the street where I live. Probably more than a little.

Freaks and all.

His summer get-up.
Same gentleman, ready for Christmas.
What the hell?

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