09/07/2021 Mum’s the word

I miss the change of seasons. Oh, the longer I live in Los Angeles, the more I notice the distinction of the seasons here, but it’s nothing like in the Midwest,

Here, the height of summer heat seems to be in September, and winter is more rainy in February than any other time of year. Then there’s fire season to consider and the following mudslides in summer and winter., respectively. But even in the short time I’ve been here, those 2 seasonal characteristics have changed due to the whole global warming thing.

What I really miss is Autumn. Like, real Autumn. Crisp mornings. Leaves turning brilliant colors and crunching through them in the grass, Fall wardrobes, and the first whiffs of the coming snowfall. I dare say Fall is my favorite season. Spring runs a close second, with the first signs of the crocuses peaking out of the snow and lilacs. Oodles and oodles of lilacs!

But we’re entering Autumn in a couple of weeks and it’s gotten me so nostalgic that I actually bought a mum to display on one of the balconies. Now, I’m not a green thumb kind of gardener by any means, but for a few weeks, at least, this plant will bring me joy.

I’ve been trying to really pay attention to my photography skills and this mum is an excellent specimen for my macro lens. The only problem is that the lens is so good that it picks up the tiny bugs I brought home from the nursery.

Yuck. But you’ll not see those. I’ve been practicing editing, too.

Anyway, the bugs have me, well, bugged. So I picked up a Venus Flytrap a couple of days ago. What to do with this thing, I do not know. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. Out it sits, on the ledge next to the mum.

Okay. So I never said I wasn’t impulsive or ridiculous at times. I, like anyone else, have my moments. I’ve stopped trying to control them or pretend that they don’t exist. Even to the untrained observer off the street, they are strikingly obvious.

So I embrace it. Quirks never hurt anyone and as long as I don’t add alcohol, (to taste, of course!) I’m not doing anyone any harm. I think I’ll be okay.

People used to celebrate eccentricity. Now they cross to the other side of the street when they see any unique individual approaching. Or they whisper or speak in hushed tones to one another telling this story or that about poor so-and-so.

If you ask me, that old lady stomping on and kicking up every fallen Autumn leaf is right as rain and just remembering a simpler time. Leave her to her memories. Or better yet, join her and laugh together as the rest of the world points and stares.

Life is too sad when you conform 100% of the time.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”. ~~Marilyn Monroe

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